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A stay at a spa is what every woman dreams about and would also be beneficial for every man.

The Babylonians and Egyptians knew the value of pampered bathes for their well-being and the Romans made it into an art form.

The study of any great civilization includes their practices and secrets to remain healthy. Even on our shores we hear of the sweat lodges utilized for that by the native Indians.

Decades ago here in the USA the wealthy visited spa towns like Mount Clemens in Michigan, which still carries the distinction “Bath City”.

Throughout history miracle cures were attributed to the spirit(s) of a particular well and the Spaniards were convinced they found the fountain of youth in Florida.

Our doctors do believe in the positive effects of treatments, which are here categorized under Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation.

Detoxification and inner cleansing were only added to our vocabulary pretty recently.

Aside from all the legends and fairy tales about the subject, we all should realize that treatments such as massages, stays in Saunas or sweat lodges, exercise and yoga are here to keep us healthier.

In Germany it is common to attend a few weeks at a spa and if your doctor prescribes it, it is paid by their Health Insurance.

Her we would like to introduce you to a little different philosophy about what can be done for your Health.

Spa stays in general are very expensive, which brings us to the actually affordable



Bad Steben


The health center in the Frankenwald,  

a modern Spa town with centuries of tradition

“Auf zur Kur”

at the

 superior 
relexa hotel and spa
Bad (Bath) Steben, Germany relexa

We will expand these pages soon with more towns and places.

We started with Bad Steben and the local relexa hotel as we enjoyed our stay there immensely. Staff was super, treatments were great and the food delicious.

Little side note, there was always someone on hand who spoke English, but some of the therapists only spoke German.

Bad Steben