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relexa hotel and spa
Bad (Bath) Steben, Germany

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“doing the usual things - unusually well”

Come and experience beauty, health and fitness throughout the year in the charming natural surroundings of the Frankenwald, a mid-altitude mountain region in Northern Bavaria.

The hotel is located right next to the idyllic spa park of the Bavarian state spa.

The relexa is a modern and personally managed hotel with a four star superior rating. Management and staff do their best to fulfill the guests personal wishes and make your stay comfortable and memorable.

Start your day with the breakfast buffet and a picturesque view of the spa park. Lunch and dinner are served in the dinning room. The cafe terrace and conservatory are the perfect setting for afternoon coffee and scrumptious pastries, if you so choose.

Find peace and relaxation in the newly remodeled health spa area with an indoor pool, Finnish sauna, color and light sauna, aroma steam bath, hydro-massage shower and sauna garden.

Come to relax, rejuvenate and be pampered.

Programs offered can be for your health, wellness, beauty and a combination thereof.

Harmonize your body and soul at the beauty spa with an extensive list of treatments including the soothing Ayurveda method, aroma therapy, Shiatsu and the treasures of the sea through the Thalgo products and concepts.

The renowned products of Gertraud Gruber Cosmetics add to the list.

Custom tailored treatments and therapies are offered for men and women.

Original ASLAN Therapy packages are also offered at the relexa.

relexa exclusive:

original ASLAN Therapy

growing old in good health!

The relexa Hotel and Spa is a great place to relieve the stresses of everyday life but also to invigorate the body and rejuvenate the mind and spirit.  The town of Bad Steben has natural accruing mineral waters, peat moors, and radon waters that are used in some of the treatments provided at the relexa.

Submerged in a Mineral bath, bubbles tickle the skin like champagne, and the carbon dioxide is absorbed into the body where blood vessels expand and circulation is improved, the blood pressure drops and a tranquil feeling envelops you.  It is also important to drink mineral water daily, your body will thank you.

The benefits of natural peat moor helps to relieve the discomfort of rheumatism, muscle ache, joint pain, releases toxins from your body and of course, deep relaxation. During the initial consultation with the Dr. the proper placement and temperature of the treatment will be recommended, to be the most beneficial. You will notice the moor treatments are relaxing but also draining and it is important to listen to your body and rest afterwards.

Low dose Radon Baths, as therapeutic procedures, are available if recommended for your special needs by the doctor at the time of the initial consultation.

Other Treatments Packages available for:

Heart and vascular disease

Blood pressure



Diseases of the muscles and joints

Spinal column and joints


Rheumatic diseases

Physical therapy

Diseases of the Metabolism

Diabetes management

Diet for weight management