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Treatments and therapy offered in Bad Steben for your Health and Wellness

Mineral water:

Mineral water is used for bath treatments as well as drinking therapy.

The natural occurring carbon dioxide is absorbed through the skin and carried throughout the body by the vascular system and can promote improved circulation and a reduction in blood pressure

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Peat moor:

Natural healing moor is used in full bath or wraps and mud packs:

The in house spa doctor will prescribe the specific treatment for you.

Peat moor is used to help relieve the discomfort of rheumatism, muscle ache, joint pain, releases toxins from your body and of course promotes deep relaxation.

As these treatments are very exhausting do not plan strenuous activities on that day.

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Radon water (low level):

Low dose radon bath, as therapeutic procedures, are available if recommended for your special needs by the spa doctor.

Studies show that these baths can stimulate the immune system, they can activate the bodies own self healing powers and it can even reduce pain in certain degenerative spine and joint deceases.

Total amount of Radon-222 used in these treatments is about the same as the radio activity we are exposed to every day of our daily lives.

Over the centuries some of the thermal springs had the reputation of special healing powers, which were attributed to the “Spirit of the Well”, till scientists discovered in 1904 that radon was the active ingredient of these springs.

For certain ailments the spa doctor will prescribe a drinking therapy.

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As health spa visits are customary for Germans and are in most cases covered by their health insurance plans, they are still not widely accepted by the American medical community.

We are not, nor claim to be health professionals.

We do not make any claims, medical or otherwise that these treatments are cures for your ailments, nor endorse or recommend any treatments for you

It is each persons own responsibility to research if any of these treatments are right for them

Beauty spa treatments:

A wide variety of treatments are available including:

Ayurveda, Shiatsu, Thalgo, Aroma bath with lavender, orange blossoms, vanilla to name a few. Facials using the high quality products of Gertrud Gruber Cosmetics.

All the treatments are available a la carte and can be booked at the relexa front desk during your stay. (Please decide early, to ensure, that the treatments are available during your stay at the relexa)

Aslan Therapy:

Anti aging therapy originated by the Rumanian Doctor Ana Aslan, to combat aging and treat specific health problems associated with aging.

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Other Treatments Packages available for:

Heart and vascular disease

Blood pressure



Diseases of the muscles and joints

Spinal column and joints


Rheumatic diseases

Physical therapy

Diseases of the Metabolism

Diabetes management

Diet for weight management